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Literally all of my favorites categories, have the name followed by junk..... No seriously.

There's, Disney Junk, Cats junk, Megamind junk.

I swear i think I said everything was junk.... So here's my favorites....junk....


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::Questions that I suppose are commonly asked::

What’s your real name?

It’s actually not Haden. HadenXCharm is just my username and screen name, and rather, alternate personality. I use it for just about every website. Sadly, no one understands the real pun. I’ve learned to live with it. My real name is Emma. Hello there. How do you do?

What’s your life like?

I live in a large white house with three stories and seventeen rooms, on a dead end street. I live in the state of Michigan, in the country of America, on Planet Earth. I can see Canada acrossed a river that is two blocks from my house.

I’m proud of the fact that I have parents who are married and who still love each-other after knowing each-other so well. In my school, I only know two other people who still have that ‘normalcy’ of two parents in the same home.

I have three younger brothers and two dogs. My father’s mother owns a Montessori school, and I love the children that attend. My mother’s mother and father own a fruit farm with 160 acres, with cherry trees, and strawberries, and Christmas trees. I have worked at both locations during the summertime.

I have all four of my grandparents, and have never attended a funeral where I needed to cry.

My room is the coldest in the house because I have the closed-off backstairwell next to the back door next to my room, and two windows with poor insulation, and the laundry chute sending up cold air from the basement. I have a loft that my daddy built for me, so my room sort of has two stories. The attic trapdoor is on the ceiling right outside my door.

I am sixteen years old as of this moment, and I skipped a grade. I was born on May, 6th, 1997. I’ve lived through three decades, two millenia, and two ‘apocalypses’ before I’ve even turned eighteen. I am the youngest person in my grade.

Any talents?

I played the violin for eleven years before giving it up because the lessons and teaching system I went through was destroying my love for the instrument. I am trying to pick it back up, because of my models, Emilie Autumn, and Lindsey Stirling. I taught myself piano in three weeks.

I paint, I draw figures, and anime. I sing and write poetry and short stories, and calligraphy, and Kanji characters. I am learning to speak Japanese, Spanish, and some German and Russian. I am extremely adept with English for an American teenage highschooler. I am very articulate. I have an IQ of 137, and an ACT score of 29. My grade point average does not reflect that. I am 65th out of 224 students in my grade. I abhorr the public school system.


I spend my free time (All my time) on the computer or drawing. I enjoy Youtube, and really want to be part of the community, but cannot figure out my digital camera. I have posted one video so far. (: I enjoy, and watching anime. I like to write and play video games. I am a fan of Diablo II, III, and of Guild wars. If anyone would like to play with me, send me a message. I also enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, and GURPS. I love comic books, and I love conventions.

I love Emiile Autumn and her community of Plague Rats. I would spend thousands of dollars for a ticket to her musical or live show.

I love musicals, and plays and theater. I love live action movies, I love animation, I love music videos. I love gothic literature. I love rhymes. I love alot of unpopular stories and mangas, such as Maiden Rose, Akusaga, Demon Sacred, and so on.

I would really like to get into Supernatural, and Doctor Who, and different animes, but can’t seem to find the time.

What are your future goals?

Practically, I want to be a nurse, but if I let my artistic passion blossom, I would be a writer or an artist.

I want to start vlogging and reviewing products and games and books on Youtube.

I want to write a book series.

I want to make sketchcards to sell at art and cosplay conventions.

I want to be someone that everyone remembers. Like a legend.

Sexuality? Controversial stances?

Well since you asked :icondivaplz:

I hate the label of bisexuality. In fact I hate labels altogether. Teenagers should not be labeling themselves, especially not in highschool. It gives people an excuse to generalize you and bully you. But yes, I actually find women more attractive than men. I am dating a boy however. BOTTOM LINE. I judge people based on PERSONALITY, and LOVE, rather than appearance.

I am a feminist, I am anti-racism, anti-rapeculture, anti-trans/homophobia, and anti-patriarchy. After all, we women are 51% of the world's population. So who cares if we fight like girls?

I hold rape as a higher crime than murder and should be punishable by death, as well as pedophiles who act on their urges. Because lets face it, it's stupid that we haven't learned by now that if you do it once you WILL do it again. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.

I also don't understand why rapists get a lighter sentence than animal abusers. We have our priorities screwed the fuck up.
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